Kyosho Ultima RB6 2015 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit

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This is the Kyosho Ultima RB6 2015 1/10 Scale 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit. 26 years after the Ultima’s first race victory, Team Kyosho's Jared Tebo drove the Ultima RB6 to dominate the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off Road Car World Championship held in Chico, California at the prestigious Silver Dollar R/C Raceway. In dominating fashion, Jared not only achieved TQ for the 2WD division, but he clinched the World Championship victory by winning both A1 and A2 mains. With the world’s most formidable racing machine obviously delivering superior performance, the RB6 2015 includes tweaks and enhancements to escalate racers to the next level of 2WD buggy domination. In addition to the key advantages of the previous RB6 - such as the high-rigidity 7075-T6 duralunim main chassis, adjustable battery mounting position for changes to weight distribution, mid-motor or rear motor configurations and big bore oil shocks - the RB6 2015 includes a selection of rear wings, 3 hole rear suspension arms and gold rear shock springs to better suit the mid-motor configuration. These changes realize improved durability, broader tuning options and increased stability on high grip surfaces; including artificial grass, carpet and hard-packed dirt. The RB6 2015 is fully loaded with the greatness of the IFMAR World Championship car, but now with enhancements designed for racers ready to dominate the field. In-Depth Features: Chassis: The RB6 2015 uses a hard-anodized, high-tech chassis built from 7075 duralumin. With kickup at the front and angled side trays, the RB6 mirrors the chassis technology of the 1/8 scale scene, contributing to improved durability. Transmission: The gearbox unit is designed especially small and easy to manage. Motor setup can be either mid-motor for superior performance on high grip surfaces like artificial grass, or rear-motor to maintain solid grip on low grip surfaces like sand or gravel. Battery Layout: You can use the same batteries, stick packs, saddle-packs or shorties, regardless of what motor configuration the RB6 2015 is in. Rear Arms: Increased mounting holes for rear suspension arm (KYOUM713B) provides wider setting options for the mid-motor configuration. Updated rear shock springs to gold (KYOXGS013) as standard help achieve more rear grip. Front End: Crash resistance has been improved with the installation of a one-piece steel drive hub, hard type ball ends and chromoly adjustable tie rods. Also, the caster angle can be changed by replacing bushes on front hub carrier. Steering: Steering crank system produces excellent off-road turning performance from optimal akermann ratio setting in addition to linear control feel. Shock Towers: The shock towers are also made from a special synthetic material with fibers. This material has the required hardness for a race, but also has the necessary flexibility in the event of a hard crash. Both shock towers have numerous mounting points providing numerous fine-tuning options. Hex Clamp System: The hexes on the front and rear axles are each secured with a single screw. This means that the pins are secured against falling out and can be changed with a driver. “Triple” BigBore Oil Shocks: As the name implies, consist BigBore oil filled shocks are used on the RB6. Three components make up the BigBore shocks: the upper shock cap, the damper housing and the lower damper cap. The shock absorbers are made from high quality aluminum and are characterized by their ease and smoothness. Preload can be adjusted with a fine threaded knurled nut. A special feature of the knurled nut is an O-ring that keeps it in place during the action and movements of racing. Body: The RB6’s unique forward cabin type body delivers sharp cornering and stability. Improved cornering and durability is achieved by replacing the rear wing combination with the Step Wing 3.0 (KYOLA373). Features: Based on the 2012 Ultima RB6, this 2015 model has been specifically modified for optimal mid-motor performance. Design allows both mid- and rear-mounting of the motor. Features tungsten diff balls. Uses one-piece steel front wheel shafts. Battery mounting position can be transferred between front and rear when using separate or short type LiPo batteries. Transmission incorporates reinforced idler gear to increase strength and performance. Clamp screw aluminum hex wheel hubs provide secure mounting and precise rotation on the rear. Updated larger capacity slipper clutch is compatible with high power motors. Gun metallic anodized aluminum parts produce a formidable finish. Includes X-GEAR springs, ball diff grease and high graphite grease. Specifications: Scale: 1/10 Length: 395mm (15.5in) Width: 249mm (9.8in) Height: 140mm (5.5in) Wheelbase: 285mm (11.2in) Track: F - 221mm / R - 201mm Gear Ratio: 2.6:1 Weight: 1620g approx. Includes: Unassembled Chassis Clear Body with window masking Wheels (front and rear) Wings Hex wrench Instruction manual Needed to Complete: 2 Channel Radio System Steering Servo Motor & Electric Speed Control Tires, Inserts and CA Glue Motor Pinion LiPo Battery and Compatible Charger Polycarbonate Paint